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Common Roofing Designs

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Common Roofing Designs

There are a number of different roofing designs that can be used for your home. Most of the designs are common and can be found on homes across the nation, but some of the designs are more regional to better cope with the climate common to a certain area of the country. Choosing a roofing design for your home will depend on your personal preference, whether you are using metal roofing or some other type of material, and the style of your home.

Hip Designs

A common roofing design used for homes across the nation is the hip design, which has sloping faces on the sides of the home. These designs can be a complicated home improvement project, but hip roofing styles are considered to be a sturdy design because they have internal bracing. People building a home from the foundation prefer the hip designs because it is easy to build the walls to the same height.

There are five different hip roofing designs that may be for a home. The simple style has two triangular faces and two polygon faces while the pyramid roof has four triangular faces rising to a point in the center of the home. The cross hip roof looks like two hip roofs joined together and the half hip roof has two shortened sides to create eaves on the shorter sides. The last hip roofing design is a hybrid between a hip roof and a gable roof called a Dutch gable hip roof, which offers more space for storage or extending rooms in the home.

Flat Designs

Common in areas that have a dry climate, the flat roofing design is one of the easiest for a homeowner to replicate on their own. A flat roof will be sloped a few degrees to allow the water to drain off to prevent standing water from causing a disaster for the homeowner. The materials used to create a flat roof are cheaper to purchase but are replaced at shorter intervals than other types of roofing materials.

Gable Designs

The most common roofing design is the gable design which has two roof faces of the same size at the same angle on both sides of the home. A gable roof has a peak at the center that is capped by a ridge and looks triangular when viewed from a distance. Common gable styles include the side gable, the front gable, the cross gable, and the Dutch gable. These types of roofing designs are good for draining water away from the roof and provide the most ceiling space, but they are not very good in windy areas and can become damaged if not installed properly.

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