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Getting Prepared For Hurricane Season Http://

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Getting Prepared For Hurricane Season Http://

Hurricane season may be around the corner when the weather starts to worsen. You might experience sudden rainfall as everywhere starts to get windy. Even if the hurricane doesn’t make landfall near your city, the increased rain and wind can damage your home or knock out the electricity. Don’t wait for the last minute to prepare for hurricanes! Here’s what you need to know to make emergency preparations for the hurricane season. After all, prevention is ultimately the best way to keep you and your family safe during a hurricane.

Listen for the Hurricane Warning

Always keep yourself updated on the weather, because you never know when things might act up. Tuning into the weather report will give you a heads up on any signs of hurricane development. Also, it is always smart to prepare a radio powered by batteries so you can listen to any hurricane updates by local authorities if the power goes out. Too many people are reliant on their TV and internet connection for weather-related information, and these resources might not be working when you really need them.

Secure Your Home

It may not be necessary to board up any windows if the hurricane isn’t expected to pass over your city, but it is helpful that you set your home up for hurricane resistance. These steps should be done well in advance of hurricane season. After all, you don’t want to be running around with everyone else trying to gather building materials in the lead-up to a big storm. Make sure to cover up any holes and strengthen weak sections so your home does not face any damage.

Stock Up Ahead of Time

You may be locked indoors when there’s a hurricane because of the bad weather, which makes it dangerous to venture out in search of food and other supplies. It is always smart to prepare an emergency supply of non-perishable foods and bottled water, enough to last at least a week, so that your family won’t face any problems if you are locked indoors because of the strong winds and rainfall.

Prepare First Aid Kits

Hurricanes can be dangerous, even though you’re indoors. In order to address any wounds or cuts that may occur because of the sudden wind, first aid kits provide the necessary medical tools needed to cover the wound or cut with and treat the pain effectively. Plus, it makes good common sense to have emergency kits throughout the home just in case something happens – even if it’s not weather-related!

Prepare Flashlights

Hurricanes are known for cutting out the electricity. The wind and rain can also hinder vision, making a flashlight extremely helpful. Prepare flashlights with extra batteries well in advance of any potential hurricane warnings. Distribute them throughout the home so that there will always be one nearby.

Hurricanes are very dangerous, so it is best to get home as soon as possible, or to the nearest evacuation center, if the warning is sounded. It is important that you prepare ahead of time and get those extra supplies ready. Communication, food, and supplies are essential to keeping your family safe this hurricane season.


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