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Install Green Roofs Today to Save the Environment Http://

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Install Green Roofs Today to Save the Environment Http://

A lot of buildings and even industrial set ups nowadays grow plants on the roof. It adds to the sense of aesthetics and also contributes to environment. Plants and shrubs are grown over water proof sheaths or covering layer over the roof. This protects the walls and the roof from moisture damage. The water drains and sprinkling systems are accordingly designed.

The green roofing in Chicago and in other states across the country are fast gaining in popularity. They stand for the environment friendly metal roofs. They score over regular conventional roofs in several ways like:

The foliage cover on the roof acts as rainwater absorbents.
They provide adequate insulation and ventilation.
They create an ecosystem in which flora and fauna can thrive.
They reduce heating caused by carbon emitting industrial plants and factories.
They reduce air temperatures and cause rainfalls.
The solar panels and photovoltaic cells installed on these roofs save the conventional energy by utilizing solar power.
The metal roofs are wholly recyclable. There is no creation of waste or scrap after they have been used.
They keep the house warm in winters by lessening the heat loss and cooler in summers.
Metal roofs add to the value of the house.
They are easier to install and maintain.
Green roofs or eco friendly roofs have their disadvantages too. Their cost is much higher than regular roofs. The waterproofing needs to be of the highest standard to ensure there is no leakage whatsoever.

The regular traditional roofs such as asphalt shingles last for about 15 years and wood shakes have a life span slightly more than this. Metal roofs last for more than 50 years if painted and maintained regularly. Their initial high cost is easily recovered over the years because there are almost no repairs or replacements required. Some common metal roofs are aluminum, galvanized iron and steel, copper, zinc and lead.

In recent times, roof standing seams are being favored. In this type of roofing systems, vertical metal sheets are stuck or seamed side by side with the help of adhesives. These interlocked standing seams look aesthetically pleasing, run off rain water and snow. They are quite low maintenance as compared with asphalt or stone shingles. Their being light spells ease and convenience of installation. You need to check for signs of corrosion, rusting, pitting and un-seaming especially during rains.

When you decide to install a metal roof then be sure to clear all your roofing doubts with the contractor. Get your roofing customized according to your specific requirements. All the aspects of roofing systems like the roofing materials, roof extensions, the metal panels (fabrication and molding), the interlocking system, solar panel installation can be adjusted and tweaked to your roofing needs. Metal roofs are almost completely recyclable. Speak to your contractor about certification and the warranty he is offering on his job. Also inquire about the insurance cover and worker’s compensation given to the roofing technicians. You can get most of the information about Chicago roofing companies and contractors fro the Better Business Bureau. They also keep records of customer grievances and complaints, if any, against roofing companies across the county or state. You can also check the company’s website on the internet where you can read the user reviews and ratings.

The roof repair expert will conduct a complete and thorough inspection of the roof before suggesting the type of repair. He will also tell you whether your roof requires re-laying or repairs of the existing structure. They will suggest the most cost effective and viable roofing for your house or office depending on its design, location and aesthetics. He will explain to you the three most integral and basic aspects of roofing namely insulation, ventilation and waterproofing. If cost is not a huge deciding factor for you then he will probably ask you to install a metal roof because of its obvious benefits over traditional roofing. It provides the best protection and is a prudent investment choice in the long run. Metal roofs also mean lower insurance premiums for you if your house is under insurance cover.


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