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The Future of Energy: Alternative and Green Energy Http://

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The Future of Energy: Alternative and Green Energy Http://

Today, more people are becoming aware of the need to find alternative sources of energy which includes Green Energy. Green energy is energy that comes from renewable sources that do not pollute the environment. Fossil fuels such as oil and coal have had a significant impact on global warning and the price increases of fossil fuels have caused a serious financial strain on society. There are now many governments and companies making substantial investments in research to find green and alternative energy solutions. There have been a number of developments that are showing that the potential to create a green and alternative energy future is indeed possible.

Below are a number of alternative energy solutions that have been developed:

Solar Energy: In recent years, harnessing the power of the sun to produce energy has seen significant developments. For instance, homes and offices now have the ability to use solar power to produce heat. Solar panels are installed which capture the sun’s radiant and converts it to electricity. It can be done without creating noise and producing greenhouse gases and other pollutants. The solar panels do not require a moving mechanism and the panels capture the rays to covert electricity to power the generator.

Wind Energy: Wind power is another alternative energy that has shown to be a viable green energy source. This green energy is produced by wind turbines. When there is sufficient wind, a propeller will turn which powers a generator to produce electricity. The larger the propeller and the more wind towers that are used, the more electricity will be generated.

Water Energy: Hydroelectric Power is energy that is produced from the power of fast free-flowing water. As another renewable energy source, it is environmentally-friendly and is now being used in many areas around the world. Hydroelectric power works when fast flowing water drives turbines that generate the power. The turning of the turbine spins electromagnets which produces an electrical current. The electrical current travels through a transformer which amplifies the voltage so that it can travel through power lines. Hydroelectric power produces less greenhouse gas and other pollutants than coal, oil, and gas generated power. The amount of power produced depends on the force of the flow of water and the height from which the water flows downward.

Geothermal Energy: As another alternative energy source, geothermal energy is generated from capturing the heat from deep within the ground. A hole is drilled into the earth to locate and capture the heat. The heat is then used to heat water and create steam to power generators which will produce electricity.

Biomass Energy: Biomass energy is energy created from plant life and trees. Plant life such as corn or sugar cane is converted to ethanol and then used by vehicles such as adding it to gasoline to generate energy.

Alternative and green energy sources appear to be the future of energy. Although there is long way to go to get rid of our dependence on fossil fuels, there is remarkable potential for these alternative energy sources which will help provide a greener planet for all those that inhabit it.


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